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AmBi LED Standing Ambient Panel _Opaque Semio Side- NEW!
AmBi LED Standing Ambient Panel Lamp_Translucent Side stands out

The 'LED Standing Ambient Panel' is a novel upright panel lamp. 

As with any lamp, flexibly place on a table, desk, cabinet, shelf or pedestal.

Also flexibly backlight TV entertainment centers, PC monitors, and Game Stations.


Design 1 LED Vizual - Life & Landscape

360 Ambilateral Light Reveal

Top Perspective Views                

  Side 2  SemiO-paque  Side 


2021 Patent Pending:
Standing Free Canvas - LED Panel

USPTO PPA 4.30.21

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LED STANDING  AmBi-ent | Backlight PANEL
(Tabletop LED Beam Panel) 

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